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French-Iraqi social enterprise

Ecopotamie works since 2015 in the field of water and rural development between Burgundy and Iraq. Neither nostalgic for Mesopotamia, nor stopped by geopolitical knots and media sirens, Ecopotamie invites you to discover another Iraq and a new way of Franco-Iraqi cooperation

"Burgundy gave birth to my passion for agricultural and rural development and environmental protection. I worked there for 5 years in the local public sector, particularly on issues of prevention of diffuse pollution and integrated management of resources.

In the spring of 2015, I moved to Iraq and worked close to the field with the NGO Nature Iraq. That same year, my second country was fighting against an unprecedented drought and against Daesh. In France, it was the Bataclan shooting. My family here and there was directly affected. My incomprehension and my pain were transformed into a tenfold determination to act.

Following the COP21, Ecopotamie emerged from my desire to bring solutions to the common problems of my two homelands.

My mission:

Spread another vision, help initiatives sprout and push projects beyond borders and arid context."

Roots & resources

Sarah Hassan.jpg


Founder & Consultant

+ 10 years of professional experience

Project engineering, public policies, territorial planning, communication and institutional relations, international negotiations, team management


Water and aquatic environments (governance, management, protection)

Management of environmental risks, prevention of diffuse pollution

Agriculture, agri-environment, rural development

International cooperation (institutional and decentralized)


  • Master in Environment and Risks (IG2E of UCLB Lyon 1) 

  • Certificate in International Freshwater Law (2019, University of Geneva)

  • English certificate level C1 (2014, EU MOBEDE program at Irish Water)

  • Training for Territorial Dialogue & Concertation (2012, Geyser Association)


Associative commitment
Member of the Board of Directors of BFC International in the College of Economic Act,ors, Regional Multi-Stakeholder Network of Cooperation and International Solidarity


Values :

Sustainable and fair development
as a goal

Through its activities, Ecopotamie intends to contribute to :

  • Ensure the protection and integrated management of natural resources (especially water and agro-environment)

  • Work towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and Peace

  • Promote intercultural and territorial dialogues

  • Increase resilience to crises (climate, security, health) and armed conflicts.

Social and solidarity entrepreneurship
as a way of acting

Ecopotamie has positioned itself as a local economic actor of social utility. Although its status as an individual entrepreneur does not allow it to obtain the French "Entreprise Solidaire d'Utilité Sociale" accreditation, it respects the conditions. It was the first member of the college of economic actors of the RRMA Bourgogne Franche-Comté International to work on the link between economy and international solidarity.

All the services allow a financial balance

while :

  • Favoring subcontractors in Burgundy Franche-Comté

  • Practicing differentiated rates for Iraqi clients

  • Self-financing part of the public awareness campaigns and lobbying activities with decision makers and funders.

Ethics at the heart
of our missions and projects

Ecopotamie works for public services and general interest projects, and is particularly careful about :​

  • The respect for fundamental human rights

  • The territorial anchoring and the consultation and/or co-construction with the stakeholders and/or beneficiaries of the project

  • Confidentiality requirements and prevention of corruption, clientelism and conflicts of interest

  • The continuity of actions in fragile contexts (crises and conflicts)

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