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Since 2015, Ecopotamie has conducted more than 25 missions for public institutions, local governments and civil society organizations.

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Coordination of AFD's participation in the 9th World Water Forum

Development & Project Management

For the AFD (French Development Agency)


October 2019

First Conference "Access to Energy in the G5 Sahel Countries", in Paris, with the Sahel Alliance, the G5 Sahel, the World Bank and the European Union

Development & Project Management

For the AFD (French Development Agency)

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January 2019

Conference "Solutions on Nature & Development, time for action", at Hivernales AFD

Consulting & expertise

For the AFD (French Development Agency)


June 2018

Exhibition "Ma'dan, the life of the Mesopotamian marshes", Visit for schools and Conference

Advocacy & awareness

For the City of Vailhauquès & the Association La goutte d'Ô


January 2018

Workshop on decentralized and institutional cooperation and water management in France

Consulting & expertise

For the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources


February 2017

Conference-projection "Eden at twilight", at the Water Pavilion for ambassadors and permanent delegates to UNESCO

Advocacy & awareness

For the Permanent Delegation of Iraq to UNESCO


June 2016

Decentralized cooperation in Iraq (WasteWater Garden - Eden in Iraq and Ecobric projects)

Development & Project Management

For the Nature Iraq NGO


December 2015 - August 2016

CAMPAIGN TO ALERT ON THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE MARSHES - Decision-makers, media and general public
- Exhibitions "Mesopotamian marshes in the face of climate change" at the Grand Palais as part of Solutions COP21 and at the Jardin du Luxembourg as part of the Senate's summer program
- Official visit and vernissage in the presence of embassies and official delegations from the Tigris and Euphrates watersheds
- Screening-debate at the Arab World Institute as part of the IMA Thursdays
- Focus on the marshes in the context of the exhibition and the book-object Last water war, ruins of a future by Aymeric Lhuisset

Advocacy & awareness

For the NGO Nature Iraq & the Iraqi Embassy in France
With the support of the French Embassy in Iraq and the Iraqi Ministry of Environment

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February 2020

Conference "Can we reconcile food security and biodiversity?", at the International Agricultural Show

Development & Project Management

For CIRAD (International Center for Agricultural Research for Development)


June 2019

Exhibition at the Musée de l'Homme (Paris) and the Musée des Civilisations noires (Dakar)

Consulting & expertise

For the Water Academy

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July 2018

Exhibition "Ma'dan, the life of the Mesopotamian marshes" and guided tour, at the Bishopric of Autun

Advocacy & awareness

For Les RDV de juillet (Journals XXI and 6Mois)


March 2018

Exhibition "Madan, The Life of the Marshes" at the Pavillon de l'eau in Paris, Debate evening on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day

Advocacy & awareness

For Eau de Paris & Ville de Paris

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June 2017

Exhibition "Around the marshes of Iraq, a look at the cradle of humanity", at the Chapel of Domange

Advocacy & awareness

For the Association Au coeur de Domange


September 2016

Animation "From Iraq, with Love" and exhibition "Life in the Marshes", for the European Heritage Days

Advocacy & awareness

For the Arab World Institute


May 2016

Advice on the water component of the response to ICOMOS & Campaign for the inclusion of the Iraqi Marshes on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Consulting & expertise

For the Permanent Delegation of Iraq to UNESCO


December 2015

First Regional Environmental Conference "Water resources & biodiversity in the Fertil croissant

Development & Project Management

For the American University of Iraq in Sulaimania & the NGO Nature Iraq


November 2019

Concerted definition of priority sectors of intervention for the reduction of natural risks in the Buëch watershed

Consulting & expertise

For SMIGIBA (Améten-Geolithe and Kairos Consult group)


March 2019

Franco-Palestian Cooperation Gastronomy & Rural Development

Development & Project Management

For Congressman Richard Ramos

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June 2018

Focal point for the Water Convention (UNECE)

Consulting & expertise

For the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources

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February 2018

Negotiations in the framework of the political process of the 8th World Water Forum, Preparation and organization of the bilateral meetings of the Minister of Water Resources in Brasilia

Consulting & expertise

For the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources

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March 2017

Strong time "Around the marshes of Iraq", at the media library of the Ferme du Buisson, Exhibition & conference

Advocacy & awareness

For the Paris Agglomeration- Vallée de la Marne 


August 2016

Co-author of the book "Last Water War, Ruins of a future" (co-edition André Frère / Paradox, 2016)

Advocacy & awareness

For Aymeric Lhuisset


December 2015

Water Focal Point of the Iraqi Delegation to the COP21

Consulting & expertise

For the Iraqi Embassy in France

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